Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund

Belfair Charitable Fund LogoThe Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund (BCF) is our way of reaching out as a community, in a spirit of kindness and concern for Bluffton area neighbors who need a helping hand. The BCF board directs philanthropic dollars to critical areas of need in our local community. The board strives to target funding where it will make a difference.

The fund is supported through various events at the club, including the fall BCF Golf Tournament and giving opportunities accessible through this website.

Fundraising is conducted on an annual basis. The board considers various possible recipients and disperses those funds through a grant system once a year.


Belfair member Tory Robertson Susac pitches in for Hugaroo, a nonprofit that provides stuffed animals to kids fighting cancer in Beaufort County

What is the Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund (BCF)?

It is a charitable fund with  fundraising activities managed by Belfair residents serving on the BCF board. Grants are managed and administered by the Community Foundation of the Low Country (CFL), in consultation with the BCF board. The grants distribute funds to charitable organizations in the Greater Bluffton area. The CFL is a public 501c3 organization that has conducted business for 26 years. It manages over $73 million in assets and administers grants for over 330 local charitable funds.

What is the Mission Statement

The fund's mission is "To embrace the pride, passion and commitment of Belfair members to impact the lives of those people in need in the greater Bluffton, South Carolina area."

What does the Fund do?

BCF raises money and provides grants to qualifying local nonprofit organizations. Grant applications are solicited from October through December 31. Final grants are awarded by the CFL in April of each year, based upon the recommendations of the BCF grants committee. The recommendation process includes a careful review of the applicant organization's finances, staffing, operations, outcomes and impact.

Why was the Fund established?

Members of Belfair sought to provide support to the more than 350 charitable organizations in Beaufort County. The Fund provides an opportunity to assist Belfair members who wish to "Give where you live."

How does the Fund work?

imgThe Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund sponsors a series of events that offer Belfair members the opportunity to participate in activities that raise philanthropic funds for the greater Bluffton community.

The signature event is the BCF Golf Tournament and Auction held each fall. The golf tournament and silent auction raised more than $70,00 in 2019. BCF accepts donations from Belfair members throughout the year. During the annual "Season of Thanks Campaign" each December, BCF urges Belfair members to reflect upon their good fortune and share with Low Country neighbors in need. In 2019, more than 180 Belfair families contributed to BCF.

The scope of BCF's philanthropy is wide ranging. Among the services we support are aid to homeless families, food supplements, literacy instructions, counseling for rape and child abuse survivors, autistic caregiver assistance, outreach to the elderly, critical legal services and medical supplies.

What has the Fund accomplished so far?


Belfair Self Help volunteers with parcels of food the organization distributed to Beaufort County families in need.

The Belfair Charitable Fund has distributed more than $427,000 in grants over the last 5 years. Grants have been awarded to more than 20 nonprofit organizations in the greater Bluffton area. All organizations and grants address issues that have a critical impact on our local community. The Fund does not award grants for administrative salaries or overhead expenses.

How may I support the Fund?

See the Make A Donation section to review the multiple ways to support the Fund, which includes writing a check, donating by credit card, participation in fundraising events and year-end giving.

For more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of our less fortunate neighbors, please contact Grant Committee Chairperson Meg Woodruff at [email protected].

Grant Application

If your organization is a registered 501c3 and would like to apply for a grant from the Belfair 1811 Charitable Fund please click here for the application and here for the proposal form (download file and complete form). NOTE: The fillable application form is not supported by Firefox. Please use another internet browser to complete.